If you are not up to date with your knowledge on the old European Royal households you might have missed that Spain was once divided into several kingdoms. The Royal Palace of Olite, a Castle in Navarre,  was an important location back in the day.

Royal Palace of Olite
Royal Palace of Olite / Carles Rabada / www.unsplash.com

The Royal Palace of Olite, an enchanting Castle in Navarra.

History of the Royal Palace of Olite

Spain became one kingdom with the marriage between the Catholic monarchs (the “Spanish Reyes Católicos”), Fernando II of Aragon and Isabel I of Castilla. They wed in 1469, becoming the first Spanish monarchs.

However, in medieval times before the unification, the kingdom of Navarra (Reino de Navarra) had its own monarchs.

Their castle was located in the village of Olite, in Navarra (North of Spain). It has been preserved until today.

Parador de Olite
Royal Palace of Olite

The Royal Palace of Olite was once one of most luxurious castles in Europe. It held the court of the kingdom of Navarra and it was so modern it even had a zoo in it.

A german traveler in the XV century wrote about it in his diary: “For I am sure there is no king with a more beautiful palace with so many golden rooms.”. His diary is in the British Museum in London.

Olite Castle Navarre
Olite Castle Navarre / Alberto Torello / Flickr / www.flickr.com

Visiting the Olite Castle In Navarre

The Royal Palace of Olite is so well preserved, and has remained so true to its origins, you will need to ready yourself, as your first thought upon arrival will be that you have just travelled back in time.

And it is indeed that you can very easily picture yourself immersed in the life in court when you are walking the same steps that Kings and Queens walked in their days.

The Castle is also an hotel and you can stay overnight!

You will be able to walk through the Castle gardens, go up the towers and feel like a guard, and pop by both the King’s and Queen’s chambers.

Royal Palace of Olite
Royal Palace of Olite / Alberto Torello / Flickr

It was the place to be seen in the old days. The palace once hosted banquets, jousting and even bullfighting took place in the castle.

While today you cannot see knights jousting, if you go up the Tower of the Four Winds (where the monarchs’ seats for events were located), the panoramic view of the nearby vineyards will take your breath away.

Olite Castle Navarra
Olite Castle Navarra / Marta Arias / Flickr / www.flickr.com

The village also holds medieval festivities in August, with street markets, themed food and staged visits to the castle. 

Your ticket to the past is ready for the taking!

Important information if you visit the Royal Palace of Olite

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