If you dream of a wild empty beach you might be disappointed if you visit Menorca in summer. That is only if you have not found our list!. We bring you the best quiet beaches in Menorca,  3 secluded calas we have been to and loved.

The best quiet beaches in Menorca. The 3 secluded calas we loved

Do not get me wrong, all the beaches of the Island are stunning.

However, the most popular ones get so crowded some of them close as early as 9am.

But not to worry!

We have done all the exploring to find the best quiet beaches in Menorca to experience the island as wildly and relaxingly as possible.

Algaiarens beach, the best of the quiet beaches in the north of Menorca

Located in the north of the island of Menorca, and formed by two virgin beaches: Tancats and Es Bot.

Quiet beaches in Menorca
Quiet beaches in Menorca

The waters are crystal clear, there is plenty of space and it is not a very popular place as only locals tend to visit. 

The walk is short and the beach long so it is the perfect place if you do not want to wake up too early.

You can find all the information about it in this post>>

Cala Viola. The best secluded beach we found

Located in the north of the Island the surrounding of Cala Viola are just spectacular.

Best secluded beaches in Menorca
Best quiet beaches in Menorca

Cala Viola is an area with three small beaches made of a mix of thick sand and rocks. It is a very relaxing area and it is likely that you will have the beach just for yourself – at least for a while – if you get there early.

Special shoes like the ones below are recommended as you will find many rocks in the water.

It is a wild area not very well known and the most quiet beach we found in Menorca. 

You can read all about Cala Viola in this post >>

If you still want to visit the most popular beaches a great way to do it is by boat. Have a look at this boat tour.

Caleta de Elisabet, the most special of the quiet beaches we found in Menorca

If you explore to the right from Binimel·là beach you will find a wild area full of small beaches only locals know about.

Best quiet beaches in Menorca
Best secluded beaches in Menorca

Caleta de Elisabet is our favourite but you will also find other lovely options. We saw a beach in a cave and a secret beach only accessible if you know where to look. You can read all about the secret beach in this post>>

We got to Caleta Elisabet quite late and still found the beach as empty as you can see in the pic.

Pro tips to find the best quiet beaches in Menorca

  • Menorca gets very busy in July and August. It is always better to go in either June or September.
  • If you want to secure a nice spot in the beach it is always good to head there early in the morning.
  • You will find signs in the road letting you know if the most famous beaches (Like Macareta, Son Saura and Turqueta) are already full. In July they closed as early as 9 am. (They close them when they reach capacity)

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