Spanish people are purists when it comes to their tortilla. Potatoes, onions, egg and a runny middle normally do the trick. However, it all changed when we discovered Queen Potato, the best tortilla in Valencia, and we had to unlearn everything we knew about the perfect tortilla.

Queen Potato Valencia
Queen Potato Valencia

Queen Potato, the best tortilla in Valencia

Queen Potato Valencia. The tortilla for adventurous people

The idea behind this place that popped up round the corner one day was quite simple, tortillas to take away.

However, while they still offer the classic Spanish tortilla, they have definitely added a twist to them and also have in their menu some unusual combinations and with very peculiar names.

As a matter of fact you will find a tortilla with chorizo, a carbonara and even a tortilla called Mariah Carey.

Queen Potato Tortilla Valencia
Queen Potato Tortilla Valencia

Our favorite tortilla

We thought we were purists with our tortilla until I tried their Fiona and there was no coming back from it. Now when I think of tortilla I think of theirs and it has black truffle and sausage.

How to order the best tortilla in Valencia

Queen Potato only do take away so you can pop by and take it with you or ask for delivery. They have two sizes (with 3 eggs or 6 eggs) and you can either pick from the ones they have in the menu or create your own adding your favorite toppings.

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The best way to enjoy it is grabbing it on the way to Viveros, the Turia river or the Malvarrosa beach and turn a normal picnic into an epic one.

Queen Potato Valencia
Queen Potato Valencia

Prices Queen Potato, Valencia

The ones with three eggs go from around 12€ and the big ones are around 22€, depending on the toppings.

¡Que aproveche!

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