If you have ever driven around Spain you probably have encounter a huge black bull display here and there. Its name is the Osborne bull and we will tell you all about it including its location.

10 Interesting facts about the Osborne bull including its locations

Osborne bull
Osborne bull / www.pixabay.com

1. The Osborne bulls are ads

The bulls you find here and there in the road in Spain are nothing but the remains of a marketing campaign from the sixties.

2. They advertise a beverage

The billboards advertised a brandy, the brand was called Osborne.

3. Originally, there used to be 200 bulls

The original campaign places 200 bull all over the Spanish territory, the first one was in Madrid.

Osborne bull
Manuel Lopez / www.unsplash.com

4. How many Osborne bull are there in Spain?

There are 92 bulls.

5. They almost disappeared

In the eighties they forbid all advertising visible from the motorways but people loved the bulls so much they kept them.

6. Osborne bull surprising locations

You can find them also in Japan, Mexico and Denmark.

Osborne bull locations
Manuel Lopez / www.unsplash.com

7. Osborne bull locations in Spain

You can find them in all Spanish regions except Ávila, Valladolid, Cantabria, Gerona, Gipuzkoa, Vizcaya, Huelva, Murcia, Palencia, Castellón, Tarragona, Lérida, Barcelona and Teruel. You can find the name of the areas where they are located here>

8. They are often vandalized

They have been painted blue so they disappear against the sky, white marks so they look like cows

9. They can not keep them in Catalonia

While they have tried to install them in Catalonia they are removed by independence supported, they consider it too Spanish.

10. The Osborne bull has its own museum

To celebrate its sixtieth anniversary the brand put together a museum called Toro Gallery with many unique art pieces by famous artists such as Salvador Dalí, Annie Lebovitz, Keith Haring and many more featuring the Osborne bull. It is located in Puerto de Santa Maria, Cadiz.

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