Not many people know there are alternatives to Seville if you are on a budget or want to avoid the crowds during Holy Week in Spain. Our favorite alternative is a not very known yet amazing place in Spain. We will give you 5 reasons to choose Murcia in Easter.

5 reasons to go to Murcia in Easter and enjoy one of the most epic Holy Week celebrations in Spain

1. To feel a part of history

The celebration of the passion of Christ during the Holy week in Murcia began in 1411. Some of the traditions started back then and have continued until now.

You will be witnessing traditions that have been going on for more than 600 years.

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2. During Easter in Murcia Nazarenes give away sweets and treats

Nazarenes can be pretty shocking if you are a tourist and have not heard of them. While shocking for some they are actually pretty nice and in most parades you will notice they have huge bellies.

The reason is not how delicious food in Murcia is but but the fact that they carry with them a full belly pocket with treats and sweets to give away to kids.

Easter in Murcia
Nazarenes give away treats during Easter in Murcia

3. The city becomes an open air museum during Holy Week

Religious processions take over the city of Murcia during Easter. They parade sculptures that represent different moments of the passion of Christ.

The stunning baroque sculptures from the 18th Century by Spanish artists, the most famous of them is Salzillo.

Easter in Murcia
Processions during Easter in Murcia /

4. The last day of the Holy Week you get to see the devil in chains

On Good Sunday the city goes out to celebrate the resurrection of Christ. A parade of Nazarenes dressed in white take over the city along with a very peculiar addition: A devil in chains taken around by kids dressed as angels.

5. The weather during Easter in Murcia is the best of the year

The average temperature in Murcia during Easter are around 20° during the day. With only around 30 days of rain each year chances are you will enjoy a lovely spring break.

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