Mar Menor, located in Murcia, Spain, is a unique place in the world. It is Europe’s biggest salt-water lagoon, and it is separated from the Mediterranean Sea by La Manga, a strip of land around 22km long. For years, Mar Menor holidays have been a family destination for generations.

Mar Menor holidays
La Manga. Mar Menor holidays. / Murcia Family Holidays

Mar Menor holidays. A family destination for generations

The waters in Mar Menor are perfect for family holidays

Its waters are very salty and not very deep. You will very likely find it amusing that in some areas you can walk for miles and the water will still only reach your knees.

During the summer, the average temperature of the water is a balmy 27 degrees.

These two unique characteristics make the Mar Menor very safe for children and seniors alike.

Mar Menor holidays
Mar Menor holidays

However, there are plenty of jellyfish, and they are no joke, as they can be as big as a paella pan!

There are two types, the white ones (they sting) and the brown ones (these cause no harm). But not to worry! Most beaches in Mar Menor are equipped with large nets to prevent jellyfish from getting into the shore.

The weather in Murcia, Spain

Temperatures in Winter will oscillate between 8°C and 17°C, although it can feel colder because of the humidity. During the Summer they can go from 24°C to 32°C, but the “real feel” will be closer to 40°C.

Mar Menor holidays

It is only when the weather starts getting warmer that the villages of Mar Menor come to life.

The Los Alcázares population, one of the most popular villages in the area, goes from around 11.000 inhabitants in the winter to 150.000 in summer.

Many of the businesses are very seasonal, and it is only during the summer months that restaurants, nightclubs, beach bars and so on will open their doors for business.

La Manga Murcia
Mar Menor Holidays

A family holiday destination in Murcia for generations

For generations, Spanish families have spent their summers holidays in the villages around Mar Menor.

Before the seventies, when there wasn’t any property development in the area, families would camp by the beach.

During the eighties, it was very often the case that different family members would share the rental costs of a place for the summer months. While the idea of sharing an apartment with so many people now makes me cringe, as a kid, I could not have wished for a happier place sharing an apartment with all my cousin, uncles and aunts.

Mar Menor holidays
Los Alcázares, Mar Menor holidays destination

By the time the nineties arrived, many families were able to afford buying a place in the area, and a brutal property development started.

It is only in the last decade that international tourists discovered the area. Alongside those families that have been there for generations, you can also find tourists sharing the place in harmony.

While, nowadays you will find some hotels, the most common approach is to rent an apartment for the duration of your stay.

La Manga Murcia
Mar Menor holidays / Enriquelopezgarre / Pixabay /

Locals will always try to get apartments walking distance from the beach as – please note – all the villages get so packed during the Summer (especially at the weekends), that parking is a nightmare.

Some tourists also opt for the nearby golf resorts although, as a Spaniard, I can not picture anything worse than being out playing golf in a 40ºC heat.

Wherever you decide to go, pack your suncream, a beach umbrella, and fully immerse yourself into the slow life of a summer in Spain.

You will come back home with a tan, wonderful memories and as calm as a clam.

Useful information for Mar Menor holidays

  • If you need transport from and to the Murcia Airport you can check Civitatis for private transfer service. Prices from 33€ per way,
  • You can check the official tourism information for Mar Menor here.
  • There are plenty of villages around Mar Menor to stay, some bigger and more lively, like los Alcázares or La Manga, and some more quiet like Mar de Cristal.

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