If you visit Spain this lovely Balearic Island do not miss this post with the Majorca food that is a must and discover what to eat in Mallorca.

What to eat in Mallorca? 7 Majorca foods you must try

1. Majorca Food. Arroz Brut

If you are a fan of Paella do no miss Majorca’s twist on it. Arros Brut is a rice served in a broth with meats, sausages, vegetables and spices.

Ingredients might vary a bit depending on the season and, as the rice goes dark, the name translates as dirty rice.

Majorca food
Majorca food / www.bonviveur.es

2. Sobrasada, a must in the island

Sobrasada is a spread made with pork meat, salt, pepper and paprika. You normally have it in bread and, while you might find variations in different areas of Spain the one from Mallorca is very famous.

3. What to eat in Mallorca? Ensaimada

The most famous sweet in the island. If you are in any airport you will recognize who is coming from Mallorca if they carry one of these.

It is shape as a spiral and made with flour, eggs, water, sugar and lard. You can have it for breakfast, as a snack and also find them filled with chocolate or cream.

What to eat in Mallorca
What to eat in Mallorca ? / www.hotelaya.com

4. Majorca food. Coca de Trampo, the local pizza

Very typical in all the Balearic Islands. You will find them in bakeries with different toppings but the most usual version has onion, peppers and tomato.

Majorca food
Majorca food / www.recetasgratis.net

5. What to eat in Mallorca? Tumbet

A very Mediterrean dish, similar to ratatouille, made with aubergine, potatoes, red peppers, tomatoes, courgettes, olive oil and garlic.

You can find it with bread or as a side with fish or meats.

What to eat in Mallorca
What to eat in Mallorca ? / www.directoalpaladar.com

6. What to eat in Majorca? An unusual Majorca food: Snails

Not everyone is aware eating snails is quite common in Spain. In Majorca they have their own recipe. They are cooked in a broth made with fennel, parsley, garlic, and chilli. Spicy and delicious!

What to eat in Majorca
What to eat in Majorca ? / www.ultimahora.es

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