Get ready to embark on a tasty adventure through the delightful dishes of La Rioja! This vibrant region in northern Spain is known for its wines but has so much more to offer. Today we bring you the Logroño tapas and foods you can not miss if you visit the city.

What to eat in La Rioja? The 5 Logroño tapas and foods not to miss

1. Logroño tapas not to miss: Pimientos de piquillo rellenos

One of our all time favorite tapas. The peppers are stuff with different fillings to bring you a tasty surprise. The most typical ones have cod inside but if you see prawn ones try them as well because they are delicious.

Logroño tapas
Logroño tapas /

2. What to eat in La Rioja? Patatas a la Riojana

Simple yet stunning to bring you the most famous of the Spanish ingredients. The potatoes are cooked on a stew with chorizo.

What to eat in La Rioja
What to eat in La Rioja /

3. The most famous Logroño tapas: Champiñones Riojanos or a la Laurel

La Laurel is the most famous area for tapas in La Rioja and you will not find tapas but pintxos around – aka a tapa served on bread-. The famous mushrooms come in a pile on a slice of bread with a prawn on top.

4. Los Cojonudos, a tapa you can only have in a bar in Logroño

A yummy invention from a bar called “El Muro” in La Laurel. A bread bun stuffed with chorizo, pepper and quail egg.

Logroño tapas
Logroño tapas /

5. What to eat in La Rioja? Pinchos Morunos

A typical tapa in the area with Arab influences. Pinchos Morunos are skewers with meat that has been previously marinated in herbs and spices. They tend to be a bit spicy but only for the Spanish taste.

What to eat in La Rioja? Logroño Tapas
What to eat in La Rioja? Logroño Tapas /

Other foods to try in Logroño and La Rioja in General

  • Bacalao a la Riojana. A cod specialty cooked with peppers.
  • Chuletas de cordero al Sarmiento: Lamb chops cooked with the leftovers of the vineyards after the harvest.
  • Peras al vino tinto aka pears cooked in red wine, a very famous desert of La Rioja.

And of all if of course with a glass of Rioja to round up a perfect gastronomic adventure. ¡Buen provecho!

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