Las Negras, the hippie village in Cabo de Gata, is a magical place if you are looking for a relaxed vibe to chill after spending the day hunting for the perfect beach. Its story, however, might give you the chills…

Las Negras hippies
Las Negras Hippies / © Javier Pérez López

Las Negras hippies. The village of Las Negras and the hippies in Cabo de Gata

The bohemian village of Las Negras in Cabo de Gata, Spain

The village of Las negras has a very unique bohemian atmosphere that you will not find anywhere else.

White-washed houses with blue accents, a relaxed vibe and many bar to enjoy the sound of the sea and a slow life.

Las Negras hippies Cabo de Gata
Las Negras Cabo de Gata © Antonio Espa /

The legend behind the hippie village of Cabo de Gata

While it not known when the hippies starting the settlement there are many legends around how people started living in Las Negras.

Among all the legends, one of everyone’s favourites is the story of the local fishermen that went to the sea to never return, leaving their wives at home.

Their spouses, determined to wait for their husbands’ return, established themselves in the area. They also wore black as a sign of mourn.

Las Negras Cabo de Gata
Las Negras Cabo de Gata / Игорь М / Flickr

This group of women were known in the area as “Las Negras” for the colour of their clothing (negro means black in Spanish) . While their husbands were never to return, the name has remained until this day.

Las Negras hippies

Legends aside, part of the charm of Las Negras is the nearby Cala de San Pedro, a secluded beach that can only be reached by foot or by boat where you can find a hippie settlement that have set up camp on the area. You can find all the info in this post.

If you want to keep it easy check out this zodiac boat tour around Cala de San Pedro from Las Negras.

Las Negras Cabo de Gata
Las Negras and the hippies in San Pedro/ © Carlos Ingala / Flickr

Where to stay in the village

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