At the end of Las Canteras beach and surrounded by the ocean, restaurant la Marinera in Las Palmas is an institution for fish and seafood in Gran Canaria.

La Marinera Las Palmas
La Marinera Las Palmas / Playa de Las Canteras

Restaurant La Marinera, a seafood feast in an unbeatable location in Las Palmas

The food in La Marinera, Las Palmas.

Their menu is largely based on the fresh catch of the day, delivered to them by boat just outside the restaurant. As a result you might find the availability of the products changes depending on what’s fresh.

You will also find a wide variety of seafood and fish, some Canarian specials and some meats.

La Marinera restaurant
La Marinera restaurant

The focus of their cuisine is based on the quality of the products and you will not find here fancy presentations or modern twists in their dishes. They leave the products speak for themselves.

What we ordered in La Marinera restaurant

We started with the tuna tartar, one of the best ones we have had in a very long time. Tasty, refreshing and bigger than what we normally get in other restaurants.

La Marinera Las Palmas
La Marinera Las Palmas / Tuna tartar

Then we had the cockles, deliciously served stir fry with garlic. We ended up dipping the bread on the juice.

As a main, we tried the grilled steak. At the first glance we were slightly disappointed by the boring potato side but it was all forgotten when we tried the meat. Tender, full of taste and cooked to perfection. It had been a while since we got a meat this good.

Restaurante la Marinera
Restaurante la Marinera

We finished with a cheesecake and a couple of cortados, full, happy and satisfied.

The price

All of the above plus couple of drinks each and water came to a total of 33€ per person. To our experience is very reasonable priced for a seafood meal in Spain.

Restaurante la Marinera
Restaurante la Marinera

How to book a table in this fish and seafood restaurant in Las Palmas

Booking is recommended, specially on weekends, they only take bookings over the phone or in the restaurant.

More about La Marinera restaurant in Las Canteras beach

  • If you want a table by the sea you need to request it when booking. On the day we weren’t able to get one.
  • If you are on a budget be careful as some products are priced depending on their weight, better to ask first how much it will be than getting unpleasant surprises.
  • The red wine selection by the glass was not particularly interesting.
  • We ordered a medium-dry glass of white and it was extremely sweet. If you do not like sweet wines, go for dry.
  • The fried eel seemed very popular and lots of people where having it, we will surely try it on our next time.

All the ordered was delicious and we will definitely recommend it!

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