Most people knows it an enjoy it but, unlike the popular believe, it is not only enjoyed on its own so, how to eat serrano ham? Discover all the ways Spanish people use it.

How to eat serrano ham? 10 ways Spanish people enjoy it

1. In a panini or bocadillo

Spanish people love a panini and the most typical one (apart from tortilla) is serrano ham with olive oil and very often grated tomato.

It can be a snack, a breakfast or even a dinner and the rule is simple, the better the serrano ham the better the bocadillo.

2. How to eat serrano ham? On its own as a tapa

Basic yet delicious. A charcuterie plate with some serrano ham (Better if it is iberian or apron fed) is a classic in any Spanish table.

It will often come with cheese and small breadsticks called picos and it is better if it is hand cut with a knife straight out the ham leg.

Prices vary a lot depending on the quality of the ham, and it can be up to 20€ per plate.

how to eat serrano ham
How to eat serrano ham? / / chuttersnap

3. How do Spanish people eat serrano ham? In soups, broths and stews

Serrano ham is also a basic in Spain to prepare yummy broths. The serrano ham bones are often used to add some flavor to stews and soups.

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4. A nice addition to vegetables

Vegetables such as green beans, peas or artichokes are often served in spain with small serrano ham pieces to add some taste and meat.

If you visit a Spanish supermarket you will often find the serrano ham chopped in cubes for this use.

How to eat serrano ham
How to eat serrano ham? /

5. How do people eat serrano ham? As a topping in Salmorejo

Salmorejo is a tomato based cold soup typical from the south of Spain but popular all over Spain in the summer.

The soup is eaten with chopped boiled egg and serrano ham cubes on top of it. Simply delicious!

How to eat serrano ham
How to eat serrano ham? /

6. In huevos rotos

Huevos rotos are one of the most popular tapas in Spain. They consist of fried potatoes served with fried eggs on top and, very often, serrano ham.

You break everything and mix it together. If you have not tried them give them a go as they are delicious!

How do Spanish people eat serrano ham
How do Spanish people eat serrano ham? /

7. How to eat serrano ham? In a toast for breakfast

One of the most popular breakfasts in Spain is toast with olive oil, grated tomato and serrano ham on top of it.

8. Croquetas, a must if you visit Spain

Croquetas are fried balls of béchamel with different toppings. While you can find many different ones in Spain the most famous ones are the ones with serrano ham.

How to eat serrano ham
How to eat serrano ham? / / Sabbir Ahmed

9. How to eat serrano ham? With meat in a cachopo

Cachopo is a typical meal from Asturias that is getting popular all over Spain because it is delicious.

it consists on a slice of beef with cheese and serrano ham on top that is then breaded and fried.

How do Spanish people eat serrano ham
How do Spanish people eat Iberico? /

10. With melon in the summer

This recipe is popular over the summer, however, the recipe is not Spanish but italian.

It is very simple. You cut the melon in cubes and wrap ir in serrano ham. You eat it raw and while it sounds like a bit of a weird combination it is refreshing and they work really well together.

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