If you are looking for hotels in Hondarribia, Spain we bring you accommodation options for every occasion wether you are looking for a special place or a place on a budget. 

Hotels in Hondarribia, Spain. Accommodation for special occasions and on a budget

The former Castle of Carlos V, built in the 10th century, is now a stunning hotel in the main square of Hondarribia.

Walking around the parador will make you feel like you are inside a medieval fortress. The tapestry room will give you the full royal court experience.

Hotels in Hondarribia
Hotels in Hondarribia / www.paradores.com

From the terrace you will have the most epic view of the french coast, turning a morning coffee into an experience of a lifetime.

Hotels in Hondarribia Spain
Accommodation in Hondarribia Spain / www.paradores.com

The rooms are decorated following as much as possible the royal standards of the 10th century to offer you a fully immersive experience from the moment you cross their doorstep.

Accommodation on a budget: Sercotel Jauregui

Hondarribia Accommodation
Hotels in Hondarribia / Sercotel Jauregui

Alternatively, if you are looking for a more basic accommodation, Sercotel Jauregui offers nice rooms in a superb location near by lots of restaurants and bars.

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