The most intense celebrations in Spain. If you would like to experience it and you are wondering where is Semana Santa celebrated we bring you the 5 best Holy Week destinations in Spain.

Where is Semana Santa celebrated in Spain? The best Holy Week destinations

1. Where is Semana Santa celebrated in Spain? Málaga

One of the most famous Holy Week celebrations in Spain, dating back to the 15th century.

Parades begin on Palm Sunday, where they take a representation of Jesus in a donkey entering Jerusalem. They go all the way to Holy Thursday, where they take out the “tronos” aka huge sculptures with religious representations.

Holy Week destinations in Spain
Holy Week destinations in Spain /

You will also find nazarenes, women in mourning clothes and there is ocasional singing to the “tronos”.

One of the most famous parades takes place on Holy Thursday. The “Buena Muerte de la Legion”, a military association, take a figure of Christ in the cross while they sing “El Novio de la Buena Muerte” (The boyfriend of the good death). A very unique parade that you will not find elsewhere.

2. Semana Santa destinations: Toledo

A very unique place to experience Semana Santa as the city itself will transport you to a different century.

Moreover, most of the events are in the evening, making it a very special and exciting experience.

Where is Semana Santa celebrated in Spain
Where is Semana Santa in Spain? /

Depending on the day, around midnight, the lights of the city turn off and the parades begin. They take around religious statues, one of the most famous ones being the image of Christ in the cross.

The celebrations are a bit more somber than the ones taking place in the south but if you are happy to stay up late and want to experience religious traditions in a very unique setting this is your place

3. Holy Week destinations in Spain: Sevillle

Holy Week destinations in Spain
Holy Week destinations in Spain /

Probably the most famous one as people from the city live Holy Week very intensely. There are more than 60 associations (Called “Cofradías”) that parade around town.

Parades, nazarenes, the huge religious sculptures, singing from balconies… there is always something going on!

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One of the most special events is the “Madrugá”, the night of Holy Thursday, where a parade is going on all night until the day after.

If you visit Seville during Semana Santa be aware of the crowds as not only you will find thousands of Nazarenes but also locals and visitors.

4. Semana Santa destinations: Murcia

While not as well known as the others, Murcia has Holy Week traditions dating back to the XVI century, where the sculptures they parade where created.

You will find Nazarenes and, in Murcia, some of them give away candy, penitents carrying crosses like Jesus or even parading barefoot, religious parades and much more.

Semana Santa destinations
Semana Santa destinations / /

One of the most special parades takes place on Holy Thursday, the silent procession, where they go around town in complete silence.

On Sunday there is a special parade kids love where they take around the devil in chains and the nazarenes come loaded with candy for the children.

5. Holy Week destinations in Spain: Verges, Catalonia

A Holy Week with a twist. A very unique celebration takes place in this town since the XIV century, the Dansa de la Mort, the dance of death.

It is believed that it started after the plague, to remind villagers of how temporal where the earthly pleasures and how death will get us all.

Holy Week destinations in Spain
Holy Week destinations in Spain /

Nowadays the parade takes place on Holy Thursday and it consists of skeletons jumping and dancing to the drums surrounded by torches.

A very peculiar tradition dating back to medieval times.

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