If you visit this wonderful island and are wondering what to eat we bring you the 9 local Gran Canaria foods to try.

What to eat in Gran Canaria? 9 local foods to try

1. Papas arrugadas con Mojo

The most famous dish not only in Gran Canaria but all over the Canaries. You first boil new potatoes and then serve them with mojo, a sauce made with garlic and spices.

2. What to eat in Gran Canaria: Calamari

The local calamari, called subsaharan, is something you can not miss if you are into seafood as it is as fresh as they get. You will find it grilled or breaded (A la romana).

They normally serve it with alioli sauce (Garlic based) and a splash of lemon.

Gran Canaria food
Gran Canaria food

3. Lapas

Lapas are a local shellfish, chewier than a mussel and more meaty. They cook them and serve them on a frying pan with a splash of mojo.

What to eat in Gran Canaria
What to eat in Gran Canaria?

4. Gran Canaria food: Chorizo de Teror

A unique spread you will only find in Gran Canaria. They make it exclusively in the village of Teror and typical served in a baguette bread, sometimes with cheese.

5. Octopus with mojo

A local delicacy you will not regret having. The octopus is typically grilled and then served slightly crispy outside and tender inside with a splash of green mojo.

Gran Canaria food
Gran Canaria food

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6. Gran Canaria food: Fresh fish

Being an island it will come as no surprise that you will find plenty of fish. Some local ones are same, tune, hake, grouper and eel.

The way they cook it tends to be quite simple, mostly grilled or fried and often served with new potatoes.

7. What to eat in Gran Canaria:  Local cheese

There are many cheeses made in the Canary Islands. The most famous one in gran Canaria is a cured cheese made with goat’s milk called Flor Valsequillo.

8. Gran Canaria food: Pata asada

Pata is a roasted pork ham you will find in most of the bars in Gran Canaria. As it is roasted it is normally pink inside and crispy outside. It is typically served in a baguette bread or as a tapa.

Gran Canaria food
Gran Canaria food / www.cocinaparaunoendosmetroscuadrados.com

9. Gofio

Gofio is a cereal very famous in the Canary Islands. It has many ways to be used but the most popular ones are either for breakfast as a cereal to add to the milk or mixed with fish broth to snack on at lunch.

What to eat in Gran Canaria
What to eat in Gran Canaria? https://okdiario.com/

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