If you love experimenting with local traditional foods, do not miss all the Fuerteventura food to try from the local cuisine. You might find some of them surprising!

Fuerteventura food. The best traditional foods to try in the island

Mojo sauce or Mojo Picon, the most traditional sauce

The Canary Islands signature sauce is mojo. There are many variations, but the most famous ones are the red one (slightly spicy and made with garlic, spicy peppers, olive oil, cumin, paprika, vinegar and salt) and the green one (similar but with coriander).

Fuerteventura food to try: Wrinkled potatoes with mojo sauce or Papas con Mojo

A basic in the Canary Islands. The new potatoes are first boiled and then roasted to get the very characteristic surface full of wrinkles. They are typically served with mojo.

Fuerteventura Food
Fuerteventura Food / www.rtve.es

Fuerteventura Food: Majorero cheese or Queso Majorero

This local cheese is unique to the island as it is made with milk from the local goat breed.

You might find it cured, covered in oil, paprika or gofio, each one with its particular colour and flavour.

The most surprising specialty from the Fuerteventura food: Goat stew or Guiso de cabra

The island of Fuerteventura is famous for its goats. The locals generally cook the goat in a yummy stew and the meat is not only tasty but surprisingly tender. The one in the picture is from Bar Tiscamanita, one of the most local spots to try it.

Fuerteventura traditional food
Fuerteventura traditional food
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Shrimps or langostinos

Restaurants serve them either grilled or in a salad with avocado. Both great but we must confessed a cold yummy salad with shrimps was all we craved after a day in the sun. The one in the picture is from our favourite restaurant in Cotillo La Vaca Azul.

El Cotillo Restaurants
Fuerteventura Food

Fresh fish o pescado fresco

There are many fishes typical to the island, such as croaker, grouper, sea bream, sea bass and many others. Typically they come grilled or salt baked.

Our favourite from the Fuerteventura food: Octopus with green mojo or Pulpo con mojo verde

This one is one of our favourite tapas of all time. The octopus is grilled and served with mojo sauce. Simple yet delicious!

Fuerteventura food
Fuerteventura Food

Other Fuerteventura traditional foods to try

  • Limpet or Lapas. Some sort of a mussel-like shellfish, but chewier and more meaty, generally served with mojo sauce.

  • The Gofio flour is used on the island as a substitute for normal wheat flour. It is more an ingredient than a food, people have it for breakfast or as some sort of a sauce served with onions to go with fish. (Gofio escaldado)

  • Saharian Calamari either grilled or breaded (a la romana).

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