Located in the Atlantic ocean, Fuerteventura is the oldest of the Canary Islands. It the most deserted of the Islands and it is known for its 150 km of white sand beaches with turquoise waters. These are some facts about Fuerteventura and things you need to know before going.

7 facts about Fuerteventura you need to know before going

1. The most important of the facts about Fuerteventura: It can get very windy

There are two theories on where the name Fuerteventura comes from. Some believe it means strong wind while others think it means good fortune.

Both are right on spot. However, there is a reason the Windsurf and Kitesurf World Cup are held in Fuerteventura.

The island is very windy and with no mountains to stop it, it can get very annoying but we have a post on How to avoid the wind in Fuerteventura that will help 🙂 

Facts about Fuerteventura
Facts about Fuerteventura / www.unsplash.com / Louis Hansel

2. Things to you need to know about Fuerteventura: A lot of beaches are off-road

You will not need a 4×4 car to get to most of the beaches but keep in mind some of them are off-road and it might be uncomfortable to drive to them.

3. Facts about Fuerteventura: Most beaches allow nudity

Topless is allowed on all the beaches and full nudity on most of them apart from urban beaches and the ones next to hotels.

4. If you are going to Fuerteventura you will need to track the tides

Tides are strong in the Canaries and you will need to bear in mind that some of the beaches might be significantly smaller with high tide.

Facts about Fuerteventura
Facts about Fuerteventura / www.unsplash.com / Giorgio Grani

5. What is the weather like in Fuerteventura?

The average temperature in winter is, in fact, around 20ºC in Fuerteventura and it can get hotter some days. During the summer, temperatures can get up to 28ºC.

You can go to Fuerteventura all year long and still enjoy lovely spring-like weather.

Facts about Fuerteventura
Facts about Fuerteventura / www.unsplash.com / tom-swinnen
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6. Facts about Fuerteventura you will want to keep in mind: When is it most windy?

There are not guarantees but the wind tends to be stronger in July and August – that’s when the windsurf World Cup takes place-.

It is believed wind is milder in September and October.

Having said so, we visited in January and not only temperatures where up to 26ºC but also only 1 day out of 7 was windy.

Facts about Fuerteventura
Facts about Fuerteventura / www.unsplash.com / Axel Antas Bergkvist

7. Facts about Fuerteventura: You need a car

It you visit we will strongly recommend you hire a car as there are lovely beaches and places to visit all over the island.

Keep in mind it takes an hour and a half to drive from the north to the south.

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