Floracion de Cieza peach blossoms Spain

With the arrival of Spring the village of Cieza, located in Murcia, blossoms to serve the most amazing shades of pink. The Floracion de Cieza , the most spectacular peach blossom in Spain, is nature event not to be missed.

Floración de Cieza, the most spectacular peach blossom in Spain

The village of Cieza, Murcia

Cieza is a village located nearby the city of Murcia. It is famous for the blossoming in Spring and as destination for nature sports as the rivers narrows nearby creating a gorge perfect for adventure sports like rafting.

You will also find some UNESCO heritage caves and painting dating from Neolithic times.

What blossoms in this region of Spain?

The flowers of the peaches, plums, apricots and almond trees blossom with the arrival of the spring in Cieza with the most spectacular shades of pink.

Floracion de Cieza peach blossoms Spain
Floracion de Cieza / Peach Blossom Spain

When does Floración de Cieza happens?

It happens between February and March. You can get updates for exact dates in the official website.

How to get to the peach blossom in Spain?

The best way to visit is driving a car as you will get to drive around and spot in the most spectacular places. You can drive to Cieza from Murcia, it takes 30 minutes.

The Region of Murcia has an airport, and the Alicante airport is not too far from it.

Where to stay for the Floracion de Cieza?

As it it not too far we would recommend staying in Murcia, where you have plenty of thing to do and all the amenities, restaurants and bar you can imagine.

We always stay in this hotel in Murcia, right by the city centre and with rooms starting at 47€ per night.

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