If you have a sweet tooth you know after a meal there is always room for dessert. If you are in Spain we bring you the 5 most famous Spanish desserts to try on your visit.

5 Famous Spanish desserts you must try in your next visit

1. Torrijas

A must around Easter. This dessert was invented to simply use up old hard bread. Someone brilliant turned it into a dessert only good for those with a sweet tooth.

In the traditional recipe you soak the bread in milk, egg and then you fry it in olive oil. Once done you dip it in a mix of sugar and cinnamon. Simple yet delicious!

The best ones are obviously cook by Spanish grandmas but you also find them in restaurants. If so they normally come with ice cream or some twist to them.

Famous Spanish desserts
Famous Spanish desserts

2. The most famous Spanish desserts: Oven cooked cheesecake

Originally from Basque Country, in the north of Spain, this warm cheesecake is the perfect dessert if you want something delicious yet not too sweet.

For this one they use different types of cheese (In our opinion the stronger the cheese the better!) melt them and mix them with sugar, eggs and cream and then cook it in the oven.

A good cheesecake is creamy and a bit liquid on the middle and delicious all around.

Famous Spanish desserts
Famous Spanish desserts

3. Popular Spanish desserts: Arroz con leche

A Spanish classic you might know as rice pudding. The rice is boiled with milk, cinnamon, lemon peels, sugar and butter.

To be good it must be creamy and they normally serve it in a clay pot with a cinnamon stick.

Popular Spanish desserts
Popular Spanish desserts / https://peopleenespanol.com/

4. Famous sweet treats in Spain: Crema Catalana

Crema Catalana is a dessert very similar to the French creme brulé made with egg jog and milk and a layer of burned sugar on top.

As it names shows, it is very typical in Catalonia, where it is believed to have been originated in nuns convents.

Famous Spanish desserts
Famous Spanish desserts / www.huleymantel.com

5. Traditional Spanish desserts: Natillas

A custard made with egg yolk, milk, sugar and cinnamon that it is very typically served with a very popular Spanish biscuits called Galletas Maria.

Traditional Spanish desserts
Traditional Spanish desserts / www.directoalpaladar.com

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