If you are interested in knowing the traditional Fallas de Valencia clothing or are wondering what do you wear at Las Fallas check out the traditional customs and the more casual items you can wear to fit right in.

What do you wear at Las Fallas? Las Fallas de Valencia clothing

Las Fallas de Valencia traditional clothing

People that belong to a Falla association will need to dress in the traditional costume for different events such as parades and contents.

The current ones are based in the clothes people from Valencia wore in the XVIII and XIX centuries.

What do they wear for Fallas? Women's outfits

Las Fallas de Valencia Clothing
Las Fallas de Valencia Clothing / www.denia.com

A full outfit for a woman costs no less than 2000 euros.

  • The shoes are lined with the same fabric than the dress. Embroidered silk socks go with them.
  • Then you find special underwear, a petticoat, underneath the skirt. Generally there will be something to keep the skirt big and in place. The fabrics are normally colorful and with flowers or nature patterns. On top of it you find a small apron embroidered with silver or gold thread.
  • On the top of the body you will find a bodice, generally in the same fabric than the skirt.
  • The hair is probably the most famous featured of the outfit. You will notice two buns, similar to those Princess Leia worn in the original Star Wars movies, embellished with golden combs.
Las Fallas de Valencia Clothing
Las Fallas de Valencia Clothing / Margarita Morales / www.pixabay.com

Fallas clothing - Men's outfits

Men have more options than women while dressing traditionally.

  • The most common one is a short black jacket with matching trousers, white shirt and a colorful sash around the waist that indicate their jerarchy inside his association.
  • Alternatively, there is a similar outfit but instead of black is colorful like the women’s fabrics and goes with a hat.
  • In the last option, inspired by the farm workers, the trousers are not fitted but baggy and white. On the top instead of a jacket you will find a colorful vest.
  • The shoes can be either old fashion or traditional espadrilles.
Las Fallas de Valencia Clothing
Las Fallas de Valencia Clothing / www.denia.com
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What do you wear at Las Fallas? - if you do not dress with the traditional clothing

If you want to dress for the Fallas there are affordable casual alternatives to fit right in without spending a fortune.

The first and easier is the scarf. You will recognize them as the white and blue fabric is everywhere during Fallas. People normally just wear it around their neck or in the head.

What do you wear to las Fallas
What do you wear to las Fallas / www.viajarporelmapa.com

If a scarf is not enough for you there is a more elaborate alternative, a big baggy shirt called “Bluson Fallero”. It you belong to a Falla association it will likely have a badge and all of them will be matching. Luckily, they sell them everywhere and you can just buy generic ones.

What do you wear to las Fallas
What do you wear to las Fallas / www.betera.com

You can complete the outfit with some crackers, there are shops to buy them called “Tiendas de Petardos” where you can also get a box to carry them.

Save money on your trip to try to discover what do you wear at Las Fallas and the traditional Valencia Fallas clothing!

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