If you want to starts your mornings in Spain like a local do not miss these 7 interesting facts about breakfast in Spain.

7 interesting facts about breakfast in Spain

1. Breakfast in Spain: People have it twice per day

Generally speaking Spanish people will eat something after they have woken up and then have another bite around 10 or 11 in the morning.

Workplaces will ofter give employees a break to have breakfast as it is much needed considering you are unlikely to have lunch after 2 pm.

2. The most common breakfast

facts about breakfast in spain
Facts about breakfast in Spain

The most popular is a toast with a coffee with milk. The most common toasts are the ones with butter and jam, olive oil and salt or grated tomato.

3. Facts about breakfasts in Spain: Cheap deals

Most bars and cafes in Spain offer breakfast deals at very interesting prices. They generally consist on a toast with a coffee and price normally stay below 3€.

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4. Facts about breakfast in Spain: The cafes opening times might surprise you

While in the city centre or big cities this might not be true and you will find places that open earlier, be aware cafes do not tend to open in Spain before 8 am.

Facts about breakfast in Spain
Facts about breakfast in Spain

5. No take away coffee

It is uncommon in Spain to have a coffee to go, specially to have it while walking. Most bars however offer take away but it is normally to bring coffees to the workplace and the containers are  not as good as what you expect, for example, in places like Starbucks.

6. Fact about breakfast in Spain: It can be huge but we do not call it brunch

In some areas like Valencia there is a special meal that takes place around 10 – 11 am. It began among construction workers that really needed the energy for their very physically consuming jobs.

It is called almuerzo (Be aware in other areas of Spain almuerzo is lunch, not this second breakfast) and if you go to Valencia you should experience it.

Facts about breakfast in Spain
Facts about breakfast in spain

If you pop in an almuerzo place you will notice the bar full of different ingredients for you to pick: sausages, bacon, chicken, cheese, vegetables, tortilla… you name it, is there.

Pick your favourite ones and they will put them in bread for you. This huge sandwich along with a drink and a coffee goes for less than 5/6€. However be aware they are so big you will likely not be able to have lunch after that!

7. Facts about breakfast in Spain: Other popular breakfasts

At home people might have cereal, bisquits with milk, sponge cake, yogurt or just a coffee. Porridge and oats are not very typical in Spain.

In bars it is more typical to have toasts, pastries, sandwiches or even stuffed croissants.

Facts about breakfast in Spain
Facts about breakfast in spain

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