The village of El Jablito, in Fuerteventura,  is one of the last and most authentic fishermen villages in the north of the island with a very unique local beach.

El Jablito Fuerteventura
EL Jablito Fuerteventura

El Jablito, Fuerteventura. An old village with a very unique beach

The origins of the village

The origins of the village of El Jablito go back to the 15th century, when the area was used as a settlement where nomad fisherman would camp during the fishing months.

As the years passed, people started building small huts, and, with time, the small huts evolved to the houses we can find today. Each house was known for the family name of the inhabitants.

All sorts of expeditions departed from this beach, not only to the rest of the Canary Islands, but also to Africa.

El Jablito Fuerteventura
EL Jablito Fuerteventura

El Jablito Beach, Fuerteventura

Nowadays it is not only fishermen in the area, as locals will move there to spend holidays in the summer months.

The beach is a small cala that works as well as a natural port for small boats, kayaks and scuba dive expeditions.

El Jablito Fuerteventura
EL Jablito Fuerteventura

There is a monument to the local Virgin – Nuestra Señora de la Caridad del Cobre – in a boat overlooking the beach.

Tides affect the beach and you might find some rocks when getting into the water. The area is also very good for snorkelling. Apart from fish, you might also see small shrimp, octopuses and sea stars.

As a matter of fact, just swimming we were able to see small shrimp in the shore. El Jablito is the only place in Fuerteventura we got to witness this!

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How to get to El Jablito, Fuerteventura?

The easiest way is driving but you can also take the bus 06 (the bus company is called Tiadhe), stop in Parque Holandés and walk 10 minutes from there. The route goes from Puerto del Rosario to Corralejo.

EL Jablito Fuerteventura
EL Jablito Fuerteventura

Are there any services?

There are no services on the beach. Make sure to bring everything you might need, including water.

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