If you are a purist look elsewhere as we are going to count as paella everything serve in a paella pan. Keep in mind also that if you are in Valencia, where paella was born, paella is only the combo with rabbit and chicken, the rest is called “rice with things”. If you have the chance we bring you 5 different types of paella so delicious you should try given the chance.

5 different types of Paella you should try if you dare

1. Different types of paella you should try if you are a seafood lover: Arroz con Bogavante

Bogavante is a smaller version of a lobster and the paella made with them is so yummy you should go straight for it.

You have a couple of versions, “arroz meloso con bogavante”, which will come with broth, more similar to a risotto, or “arroz seco con bogavante”, that comes in a paella pan normally with a lobster on top.

Different types of paella
Different types of Paella

2. How many types of paella are there? Fideua, the paella that is not rice

Do not get us wrong, a fideuá is not a paella, but it is cooked similarly and in a paella pan. The main difference is that, instead of rice, they use noodles.

The most typical combo is seafood fideuá, but we recommend you try the combinations with meats for a change. Our personal favorite is the one pork and wild mushrooms, but you will find very innovative combinations like foie and artichokes.

how many types of paella are there
How many types of paella are there?

3. Arroz del Senyoret

If you love seafood but find having to peel it as annoying as we do this is the paella for you. It’s name translates as “the little lord’s rice”.

And what does the lord wants? A life as easy as possible. In arroz del senyoret you will find everyone favorite seafood like prawns and calamari… all conveniently peeled and ready to eat so you don’t get your hands dirty. That’s life!

Different types of paella
Different types of Paella

4. Different types of paella: Arroz negro

This one is not for everyone but if you are daring you might want to give it a go. The rice is cooked with seafood (Depending on the recipe it might vary) but it always includes calamari and its ink.

As a result the rice is pitch black. It has a unique taste and it normally comes with alioli (A slightly spicy garlic based sauce) to mix it together. Yum!

Best Paella Gran Canaria
Types of Paella

5. Arroz al horno

Think of it as a mix in between a paella and the yummiest meat soup. This is the only one that is not served in a paella pan, it is cooked in the oven in a clay tray.

The rice is mixed with tomato, potatoes, pork ribs, blood pudding, chickpeas and garlic. We know it sounds slightly weird but the taste will surprise you.

Types of Paella
Types of Paella / https://cocina.guru/

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