It can not be particularly surprising if we say that Spanish people love a celebration, and we will make the most out of any excuse to indulge and party but… how does Spain celebrate Christmas? Discover the main Christmas celebrations in Spain.

How does Spain celebrate Christmas? Discover all the Christmas celebrations in Spain

How does Spain celebrate Christmas? The main event is Christmas eve or Nochebuena

Unlike many other places around the world the main Christmas event is the dinner that takes place in Christmas Eve.

It is the day families choose to get together to eat, drink, celebrate… and then drink a bit more. Traditionally, this celebration will include family and extended family alike with the premise of “The more the merrier.”

christmas celebrations in spain
Christmas celebrations in Spain / Eugene Zhyvchik /

What happens in every house is different. These are some of the things that might happen:

  • Some families do a Secret Santa (Amigo Invisible in Spanish)
  • Religious families will attend a special service at church at midnight called “Misa del Gallo”
  • Others might just toast, dance and celebrate until late at night.
  • The youngsters might even meet their friends after dinner to go to a club.

Christmas celebrations in Spain: Christmas day or Navidad

How does Spain celebrate Christmas
How does Spain celebrate Christmas ? / Andrew Neel /

Children will wake up on Christmas Day to find out Santa (Papá Noel in Spain) came overnight and left presents under the tree.

It is not uncommon to then start a tour of the grandparent’s houses to see if Santa left something for them there too. However, Santa brings small presents in Spain. The main day for presents is the 5th of January and it is the 3 wise men bringing the presents.

Christmas celebrations in Spain
Christmas celebrations in Spain /

Regardless how late the party went on until the night before, families will get together once again for lunch on Christmas Day.

Generally speaking, couples they will split their time and have dinner with the family of one of the sides and lunch on the 25th at the others.

Boxing day

The 26th of December is not celebrated in Spain, and it is actually a working day.

How does Spain celebrate Christmas
How does Spain celebrate Christmas ? /

Other important days

Spanish people will also celebrate New Years Eve and the 5th of January they celebrate the 3 Wise Men (Día de los Reyes Magos).

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