While many traditions around the holidays are common to the whole Spanish territory, every area have their own peculiarities. We bring you today 5 very peculiar Catalonia Christmas Traditions that take place in Barcelona or around.

5 Catalonia Christmas Traditions that you will find surprising

1. Catalonia Christmas Traditions: The Caganer

By far our favorite. In Spain it is very typical to set up a Nativity Scene as part of the Christmas decorations.

However, in Catalonia, you will not just find Mary, Joseph and Jesus… you will also find the shepherds and it is tradition in Catalonia they one of them is… pooping in the bushes. That one is called the Caganer and you can find them in different versions, from traditional shepherds to celebrities.

catalonia christmas traditions
Catalonia Christmas Traditions / www.marca.com

2. 26th of December Sant Esteve

Sant Esteve’s day is bank holiday in Catalonia. Families get together and traditionally they eat the leftovers from Christmas along with cannelloni made with the scraps of meats from previous days.

3. Catalonia Christmas Traditions: Eat escudella con carn d’olla on Christmas day

Escudella is a broth made with vegetables, meats, chickpeas and sausages typically with a very peculiar pasta called gallets instead of noodles and served with a meatball.

On Christmas day is the most typical meal to enjoy in Catalonia. They then toast with cava and enjoy the typical season sweets such as turron and polvorones.

Traditional food in Barcelona
Catalonia Christmas Traditions
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4. El Caga Tió, the weirdest Christmas Tradition in Catalonia

In most households in Catalonia is not Santa who brings the presents over Christmas but Caga Tió, a smiley tree trunk covered in a blanquet.

Children are supposed to feed it during December so it will get very big and bring more presents. On Christmas eve the kids hit it with a stick while singing so the trunk will poop the presents.

Barcelona Christmas Traditions
Barcelona Christmas Traditions / https://denadal.cat/

5. Festive traditions in Barcelona:  Visit the Fira de Santa Llúcia

Catalonia Christmas Traditions
Catalonia Christmas Traditions / www.timeout.es

The biggest Christmas market in Barcelona and the place to go if you want to get the figures for your Nativity Scene or the ornaments for the tree. A very traditional place to visit every December.

It is located in the square in front of the Cathedral.

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