The hunt for the perfect beach is something we personally take very seriously. We think of the beach, the shade, the position of the towel to enjoy the view… and that’s only the beginning. It is not often, without prior research or someone’s recommendation, that we find ourselves in a beach that blows our mind. And still, that’s what happened when we headed to Binimela and, instead, found ourself in Caleta Elisabet, in Menorca.

Caleta Elisabet Menorca Binimela
Caleta Elisabet Menorca / Binimela

Caleta Elisabet, the secret romantic beach near Binimela

Binimela and Cala Pregonda

The parking area serves both Cala Pregonda, one of the most beautiful beaches in Menorca and Binimela. However, you need to walk around half an hour to get to Pregonda.

When we got to Binimela, our original destination, there were a huge amount of seaweed piling up on the shore and the smell was terrible. 

As everyone was heading to the left to reach Cala Pregonda, we decided to explore the right. And  boy was it a good decision!

Caleta Elisabet Menorca Binimela
Binimel·là beach from Caleta Elisabet Menorca

First we reached a lovely cala, but with not much sand to lay the towel. Then we reached a small cala inside a cave, it was stunning, but taken. And then, the third one, just like in the tale, ended up being perfect. We reached Caleta de S’elisabet or “Caleta de Elisabet”.

Caleta Elisabet Menorca
Caleta Elisabet Menorca / Binimela

Thin clay-coloured sand, water as transparent as you can imagine, and full of fish, a wonderful view, and no more than ten people there! We made it!

Little did we know that it was going to get even better.

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The secret beach in Caleta Elisabet, Binimela, Menorca.

Around midday a couple mysteriously emerged from the water carrying all their beach paraphernalia. Without a boat on sight, and considering how much I like gossip, I had to investigate the matter further.

And to my surprise, there is an even more secluded beach waiting for you literally just round the corner. 

Caleta Elisabet Menorca Binimela
Caleta Elisabet Menorca / Binimela

You can reach it either following a very narrow path hidden behind a rock, or by walking in the water to the left.

A tiny sandy beach as private as they get. Life does not get any better than this!

Useful information if you visit the secret beach near Binimela

  • Around 10/15 minute walk to get there from the parking.
  • The beach has no services, bring everything you might need to spend the day.
  • It is a virgin beach and nudity is allowed.
  • Good beach for snorkeling, plenty of fish!
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