Located on the way to the most famous lighthouse of  the island, Faro de Cavalleria, the small beach of Cala Viola de Ponent, in Menorca, is one of those places you feel reluctant to talk about as you would rather keep it to yourself.

This small beach does not have the thinest sand or the most turquoise waters, but it has something the others can not even dream of: there is a chance you will have it all for yourself.

Cala Viola de Ponent
Cala Viola de Ponent

Cala Viola de Ponent, Menorca. The secret beach for snorkel lovers

Cala Viola de Ponent, a secret beach in Menorca

A friend told me about it and I must confess, at first I was not sure. I thought maybe his taste in beaches was different to mine. He had not recommend anything to me before, and I was apprehensive, as Menorca in Summer can get intense… if you find yourself with no beach space at 11am you are probably done for the day as everything gets packed quickly.

However, after a very traumatic experience the day before trying to get to Cala Mitjana only to find that after the long hike the beach was, not only packed but also stinky as it was full of seaweed, I was ready to give it a go.

Cala Viola Menorca
Cala Viola, Menorca

The surroundings of Cala Viola, Menorca

The surrounding alone is worth a visit. Cliffs on one side, water on the other, and a lone road that ends in the lighthouse. An Instagrammer’s dream.

When we arrived to the parking lot, my excitement started to grow as there were only a couple of vans. That has never happened to me before. And it wasn’t even that early, we got there around 10:30am.

And there we found three small calas in the middle of the wilderness for us to explore.

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The 3 beaches that form the cala

First thing you need to know is that Cala Viola is not a white sand beach. It is a mix of rocks and thick sand. Special shoes to get in are not essential but recommended. 

You will however find space to lie down comfortably. As the beach is full of rocks and the waters are very calm, it makes a dreamy spot for snorkelling.

Cala Viola de Ponent Menorca
Cala Viola de Ponent, Menorca

The cala in the middle is the biggest. The one on the left was full of seaweed. The one on the right was secluded, and perfect for us.

Cala Viola de Ponent
Cala Viola de Ponent

Camp was set, clothes came off and we could enjoy the calm and quiet beach day we had dreamed of. You will only hear the water, and the occasion seagull. It is one of the most peaceful places in Menorca.

At its peak there were maybe 20 people in Cala Viola.

Life does not get any better!

Needless to say, the friend who recommend it has won my blind trust.

Useful information if you visit Cala Viola de Ponent, Menorca

  • Less than 5 minute walk to get there from the parking.
  • The beach has no services, bring everything you might need to spend the day.
  • It is a wild beach and swimming with no clothes is allowed.
  • It is a great beach for snorkeling
  • If you visit Menorca and you like secluded beaches you might want to have a look at the best quiet beaches in the island.

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