There is a special bohemian atmosphere in Cala de San Pedro that you will not find anywhere else. Discover the only beach in Cabo de Gata inhabited by hippies!

Cala de San Pedro. The beach in Cabo de Gata inhabited by hippies

This very unique beach is one of the most special places in Spain. The beach has crystal clear waters, lots of greenery and the charm of the not very accesible places.

The hippies in Cala de San Pedro

What makes the place truly special, apart from the turquoise waters and the nudists, is the hippie commune that has camped in the area. They have made their own shelters using local wood, and they live as green as it gets.

They also occasionally sell handmade objects and, at times, even put together a pop-up bar!

However, if you visit, make sure to bring all the water and food you might need just in case. 

Las Negras Cabo de Gata
Cala de San Pedro © Carlos Ingala

How to get to the hippies' beach in Cabo de Gata

The Cala is a secluded beach that can only be reached by foot or by boat from the nearby village of Las Negras.

Cala de San Pedro hippies
Cala de San Pedro hippies / Alin Corneliu /

The walk to the beach takes from 60 to 90 minutes, and there is not a single spot in the shade. Make sure to bring comfortable shoes, a cap, lots of water and avoid the warmest hours of the day.

There are local companies in Las Negras that offer boat rides to the Cala.  The official tourism website says prices are around 12 € each way.

If you want to keep it simple this tour in a zodiac will take you around the area from las Negras

Where to stay to visit Cala de San Pedro and the hippies

The closest village to stay is Las Negras. These are our favourite places to stay in the village.

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