A deserted landscape, a handful of white-washed villages and the wildest beaches in Spain. Welcome to the destination Spaniards choose to spend their holidays: Cabo de Gata Natural Park.

Cabo de Gata Natural Park, Almeria.

Ideal for lovers of slow life, singular beach destinations and dramatic landscapes, the main attraction of the area is precisely the lack of touristic infrastructure, as the area is now protected and has avoided the brutal touristic development that you find in other areas of Spain.

Cabo de Gata Natural Park
Deserted landscape, Cabo de Gata Natural Park

The beaches are wild, the villages remain as charming and authentic as in the old days, and the castle ruins situated close to the beach will transport you to a past time in which the locals could not take their eyes off the sea to watch out for pirates.

What is Cabo de Gata Natural Park?

Whilst “Cabo” translates as “Cape,” in general people refer to Cabo de Gata as the natural protected area located on the coast of Almeria, Andalucia. The area compromises approximately 63 km of coast.

The volcanic eruptions that formed the area are the reason behind the deserted landscape and the dramatic sceneries.

The surrounding area is also known for being the filming location of some of the most famous spaghetti westerns back in the sixties. The old filming locations have been converted into a theme park in the nearby Tabernas desertOasis Mini Hollywood-

Cabo de Gata Natural Park
Sunset in Cabo de Gata Natural Park

What will I find in Cabo de Gata?

A wild, deserted scenery right by the coast, featuring some jaw-dropping cliffs and spectacularly wild paradisiacal beaches with crystal clear waters. 

There are also a handful of picturesque white-washed villages to explore in the area, as well as lighthouses and ruins.

The beaches in Cabo de Gata, Almeria.

Cabo de Gata beaches
Playa de Genoveses. Cabo de Gata, Almeria.

The beaches in Cabo de Gata are wild, their waters an insanely deep shade of blue and most of them have no services, meaning you will have to bring all you are planning to need for the day. They remain true to how they were, and the visible human impact is very limited.

Where to Stay in Cabo de Gata?

That really depends of what you are looking for as there are plenty of options. Not only do you have secluded houses that feel like an oasis in the middle of the desert, but also apartments and hotels in the biggest villages with all the services at a walking distance with great eating options nearby.

After spending a day at the beach; when the sunset is approaching and the temperatures are milder it is a delight to explore the beauty of the local villages in the area, and, of course, enjoy dinner a la fresca!

Our favourite places to stay in Cabo de Gata

When is best to visit Cabo de Gata?

Like most places on the coast of Spain, it is way too hot and crowded during the peak of summer.  Please also note some of the beaches have limited capacity, and it will prove difficult to find parking space nearby the most popular beaches during the busy months of summer.

In order to avoid crowds, we recommend avoiding visits in July or August. In June or September, you will still enjoy warm temperatures without the crowds.

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