Considered culture by some Spaniards and a harmful custom by others, there is no doubt that bullfighting is one of the biggest Spanish stereotypes all over the world. Here are 10 facts about bullfighting in Spain you probably don’t know.

Bullfighting in Spain. 10 facts that will surprise you

1. Most Spanish people do not support it

Only around 25% of the Spanish population support bullfighting.  Out of those, only 8% attend.

Bullfighting in Spain facts
Bullfighting in Spain facts /

2. The most unknown of the facts about bullfighting: They are seasonal

The season goes from March to October but they also take place when the city has special festivities.

3. Spanish Bullfighting is, in fact, forbidden in some regions of Spain

They are forbidden in the Canary Islands and Catalonia and other regions are following. There are some regions in which it depends on the political party in power.

facts about bullfighting
Facts about bullfighting/

4. A peculiar fact about bullfighting: The bulls are a special breed

Farmers bred the bulls specifically for bullfights. They are brave bulls (toros bravos) and you can only find them in the Iberian peninsula.

5. An interesting fact about bullfighting in Spain: It's origin

Brave bulls and bull fighting was, in the old days, a popular element of the festivities all over Spain. They originally happened in the squares with wooden fences being the only protection available.

spanish bullfighting facts
Spanish bullfighting facts /

6. The most interesting of the facts about bullfighting: Bulls do not go after red

One of the most popular myths is actually not true. While they can see colours, they do not see them like a human and they can not differentiate between some of them. Red does nothing in particular.

7. In fact, in bullfights, bulls go after movement, not colour

Bulls perceive sudden movements as a threat, especially when nearby. Some animals might run but bulls are more aggressive and will go after whatever they perceive as a danger.

8. A fact about what happens after the bullfight in Spain: The bull’s meat is processed

Immediately after the bull has been killed they take it to a butcher for the meat to the processed. The most famous dish made with bull is bull’s tail.

bullfighting in spain facts
Bullfighting in Spain facts/ jared-schwitzke /

9. Bullfighters are presented with bull parts

At the end of a bullfight, the viewers will shake a white handkerchief to express their satisfaction with the bullfighter. The more they do it the more impressed they are.

People can award the bullfighter one ear, two ears, and the top award, the two ears and the tail.

10. Some bulls are pardoned

If a bull is particularly brave they pardon and use it as a stallion.

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