The most visited city in Castile and Leon, with an historical city centre that was declared Patrimonio de la humanidad a food scene not to be missed. We bring you the 5 best tapas from Salamanca you must try if you visit.

The 5 best tapas from Salamanca you must try

1. Hornazo, the best snack

A pastry filled with an assortment of pork meats like chorizo, bacon or ham and boiled egg. You can purchase it in bakeries.

2. Chanfaina, a very peculiar tapa from Salamanca

A rice based stew with vegetables, spices and lamb. But not just lamb meat but also blood and giblets.

Best tapas Salamanca
Best tapas Salamanca / Wikipedia
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3. Limón serrano, the most weird of the tapas from Salamanca

A very original dish you can only find in Salamanca. It is a mixed of lemon and orange but also chorizo and boiled eggs. However it is more typical in the countryside than in the city. A very peculiar combo we are sure you never thought of!

Best tapas Salamanca
best tapas salamanca

4. Cold cuts. One of the best tapas from Salamanca

While not a food speciality per se, Salamanca is famous for the quality of their cold cults. The most famous one is serrano ham. Guijuelo is the local brand and it is very well known for its quality all over Spain.

If you visit Salamanca trying the Jamon Serrano de Guijuelo is a must.

best tapas salamanca
Best tapas Salamanca

5. Patatas revolconas o meneadas. A classic food from Castille and Leon

Typically served in a clay pot, people make it with smash boiled potatoes. Then people add olive oil, paprika and, in some cases, pork scratchings, bacon or chorizo.

Best tapas Salamanca
Best tapas Salamanca

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