The coloured tiles, the orange trees and the sand-washed landmarks make Seville a unique place. But if there is one thing that represents the city above all else, it is the spirit of the locals. People from Seville like to enjoy themselves and they like to do it well. If you want to fit right in and are wondering what to eat in Seville check the best tapas in Seville you can not miss if you want to enjoy the city like a local. 

best tapas in Seville
Best tapas in Seville / Viajar Ahora /

The best tapas in Seville: The 5 you can not miss.

There is nothing locals treasure more than being out and about with friends and sharing a story, a laugh, and a beer with a tapa.

And in Seville, it is indeed very easy as you will not find a street without a bar or restaurant worth stopping at.

If you find yourself in Seville and you are wondering what to eat we recommend you try the following local specialities that make de the best tapas in Seville.

1. The best of the meaty tapas in Seville: Bulls’s tale (Rabo de Toro)

While being well known, you can’t find this delicious stew everywhere in Spain. They slow cook it with vegetables and red wine.

This dish became popular in the XIX century to make the most out of the bull’s meat after a bull fight.

Interestingly enough, while back then it was consumed by poor people, nowadays it is considered a delicacy.

Best Tapas in Seville
Best Tapas in Seville: Bulls's tale (Rabo de Toro) / Sevilla Secreta

2. The best vegetarian tapa in Seville: Spinach with chick peas (Espinacas con garbanzos)

There are no mysteries with this straightforward, yet healthy dish.

While the recipe might vary slightly depending on the cook, it is a very simple dish made with spinach, chick peas, garlic and spices.

This particular tapa  became popular because people ate it just before Easter. For catholics, eating meat is not allowed in the 40 days before Easter.

What to eat in Seville
What to eat in Seville / El Rinconcito

3. What to eat in Seville? Squid (Chipirones)

A simple yet delicious tapa particularly very popular in summer in the coastal areas. Chipirones are a small, young and very tasty calamari.

Generally, people will cook them either in the grill or will fry them after a very soft breading.

Very often you will also see them served with a parsley and garlic dressing or with alioli.

Best Tapas in Seville
Best Tapas in Seville / Freiduría Puerta de la Carne
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4. What to eat in Seville? Fried Fish (Or like the locals say: pescaito frito)

A very popular way to serve fish, particularly in the south of Spain. The secret to it is the quality of both the fish and the oil used to fry it.

You normally get a sharing platter and it includes different types of fish, depending on the fresh catches of the day. Some popular ones are cod, anchovies and hake but it also sometimes includes calamari.

What to eat in Seville
What to eat in Seville / Freiduría Puerta de la Carne

5. The best tapa in Seville is also the weirdest: Snails (Caracoles)

While this dish is not for everyone’s liking the people who enjoy it love it with passion!

It is a seasonal dish that you can only find in May and June and plenty of bars in the city serve it as it is very popular among the locals.

To cook them they generally just boil them with herbs. The key to their flavour is the spices used in the broth. The recipe varies from place to place and you can even find spicy versions!

Best Tapas in Seville
Best tapas in Seville / Cervecería Pepe Cruz / Fran Moreno /

With this list of the 5 best tapas to eat in Seville you are fully prepared to order food like a pro. But if you are still hungry…

If you are still wondering what else to eat in Seville:

  • Montadito de Pringá: A small sandwich filled with the leftover meats from cocido such as chicken, beef or chorizo.
  • Gazpacho: A tomato soup with peppers, garlic and olive oil. A must in summer.
  • Chicharrones: Fried pork fats. Much tastier than it sounds.
  • Croquetas: Filled with chicken, serrano ham, fish or even bulls’s tale. 

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