Almería, in the south of Andalusia, Spain, has a rich culinary tradition influenced by its Mediterranean climate and its proximity to the sea. Here are the best tapas in Almería you should absolutely not leave without trying.

The 5 best tapas you can not leave Almería without trying

1. Espetos, the best and most popular tapa from Almería

If Almería is famous for something is espetos, you will find them in most beach restaurants. Espetos are sardines skewered and cooked over an open flame. You might see sometimes they cook them on a fire in a boat, a very typical Almería sight.

Best tapas Almeria
Best tapas Almeria /

2. Dried Octopus

You might see octopuses drying in the sun with the sea breeze, as they are one of the coast’s typical foods. People serve it dried and then cooked either in the oven or the grill and it has a salty and unique flavour.

Best tapas Almeria
Best tapas Almeria /

3. Gurullos, one of the best tapas from Almería

A dough made with flour, water and salt and then cut in bits that look a bit like rice. Commonly found in stews and hearty dishes or served with meats and vegetables.

Best tapas Almeria
Best tapas Almeria /

4. Gazpacho

A cold tomato-based soup is popular all over Spain, that comes from the south. It is made with tomatoes, peppers, onions, cucumbers, garlic, olive oil, vinegar, and sometimes bread for thickness.

5. Migas

A hearty traditional meal Spanish people love having, specially on a rainy day. Migas are wheat or breadcrumbs (In Almería they make them with semolina wheat) cooked with garlic and various ingredients depending on the region. In Almería you will find them with olives, peppers, bacon, chorizo and other meats. We love them!

Best tapas Almeria
Best tapas Almeria /

6. Other of the best tapas to try in Almeria

  • Patatas a lo pobre. Fried potatoes cooked with green peppers and onions and often seasoned with paprika.
  • Cherigan. One of the most famous appetizers. A slice of bread with alioli (Garlic base sauce) with ingredients on top such as canned tuna, ham or cheeses.
  • Media Luna. A very famous local dessert made with merengue and cake.

These are just a few examples of the delicious foods you can enjoy in Almería, Spain. As you can see the region’s cuisine is a great example of the Mediterranean flavours.

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