Everyone knows Manchego but in Spain you will find more than 150 different types. We bring you the 7 most famous and, to our taste, best Spanish cheeses you must try if you are an adventurous cheese lover.

The 6 best Spanish Cheeses you must try if you are an adventurous cheese lover

1. Idiazabal, one of the best Spanish cheeses

Originally from Basque Country, but you will also find it in Navarre. It is made with raw sheep milk from a variety you will only find in the region.

Best Spanish Cheeses
Best Spanish Cheeses / www.lagildadelnorte.com

2. Majorero

Majorero cheese is from the Canary Islands, particularly from Fuerteventura. It is made with milk from a local goat and you normally find it covered with paprika or gofio, a local cereal. The taste depends on the type as you will find it cured or soft.

3. Manchego, the most famous of the Spanish cheeses

Elaborated in Castilla La Mancha with milk from the region’s sheep. It is matured for at least 70 days.

Best Spanish Cheeses
The famous Manchego / https://lacteoselbonillo.com/

4. Tetilla, the one with the most peculiar shape

A very famous one from Galicia. Tetilla in Spanish will translate as title tit, which is exactly what this cheese looks like. It is elaborated with local cow’s milk. The cheese is soft and slightly creamy.

Famous Spanish cheeses
Famous Spanish cheeses / www.directoalpaladar.com

5. Torta del Casar

A natural organic cheese made with raw sheep milk. While its exterior is hard it is a soft cheese, very creamy and a bit bitter. To eat it you leave it until it reaches room temperature, cut the top lid and eat it as a spread.

Best Spanish cheeses
Best Spanish cheeses / www.foodretail.es

6. Cabrales, one of the most famous and strongest Spanish cheeses

Made with milk from cows, sheep and goats from Asturias. The amount of each type of milk depends on the producer, resulting in different flavors.

It is a blue cheese, you will find in it green and blue marks. it taste is strong a a bit acid, only for the more adventurous cheese lovers.

Famous Spanish cheeses
Famous Spanish cheeses / www.20minutos.es

7.Mahon, one of the best

Made exclusively with local cows you only find in the island of Menorca. It is cured and tastes salty and a bit toasted. A must try if you visit the island!

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