Best Paella Gran Canaria

If you find yourself in the island craving for a paella rest assured as we have tried all the restaurants we could in search for the best paella in Gran Canaria. Our favorite one so far has been in Tasca la Lonja, in Las Canteras beach.

Tasca la Lonja. The best paella in Gran Canaria

Having a paella in Spain

You might not know that Paella is originally from Valencia. Some other regions have their versions but very unlikely they will be as good as the ones you can have there, where making a paella is an art.

Paella in the Canary Islands

In our experiences the Canary Islands are not the place to have a paella as it is just not the custom and as a result they are no experts on cooking it.

Even in very nice restaurants we have encounter paellas that made us roll our eyes and will be send right back to the kitchen if we were in Valencia.

Best Paella Gran Canaria
Best Paella in Gran Canaria / Tasca la Lonja

The best paella in Gran Canaria

However, if you insist on having paella on your visit to the island we will tell you about our favorite place, where the one we had was great.

Our only problem with it was that paella should be served in a very big paella pan with a very thin layer of rice and this one was served on a rather small paella pan with a very thick later of rice.

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Tasca la Lonja

Tasca la Lonja is a restaurant located in Playa de las Canteras, the urban beach in the capital of Gran Canaria.

The place is small but has a nice terrace with a side beach view. If you visit, specially on the weekend, make sure to book.

Best paella Gran Canaria
Best Paella in Gran Canaria / Clams from Tasca la Lonja

Our visit to Tasca la Lonja, Las Canteras for the best Paella in Gran Canaria

We decided to go for a black rice with seafood. It is made with the calamari ink and absolutely delicious.

Best Paella Gran Canaria
Best Paella Gran Canaria / Octopus from Tasca la Lonja

Not only the paellas are nice in this place, it is also great for any kind of seafood. As we have been many times we have tried the clams, the octopus and the tuna salad and some of the appetizers and all of it was delicious. 

Tasca La Lonja
Best Paella Gran Canaria / Tuna Salad from Tasca la Lonja

Be careful not to order too much. For two people if you are having a paella for two just one shared starter will do..

The black paella we had here has been the best one we have tried in Gran Canaria, but we will keep you posted if we find another delicious spot!

Tasca la Lonja
Tasca la Lonja

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