Often overlooked, the Region of Murcia will surprise you with some of the most interesting beaches of Spain. We bring you the 5 best beaches in Murcia so you can make the most of the time in the region.

The 5 best beaches in Murcia for a perfect summer day

1. La Manga. A pretty unique beach in Murcia

One of the most unique places in Spain. La Manga is a strip of land that separates the Mediterranean sea from Mar Menor, a salt water lagoon unique in the world.

What makes the place really peculiar is that when you are in la Manga you can see both beaches one in each side.

Best beaches in Murcia
Best beaches in Murcia

2. Calblanque. The natural park with the best beaches in Murcia

The natural park of Calbanque has some of the most epic beaches the Region. The beaches are wild, with no services and with waters as clear as you can imagine.

You will find a big beach, where the parking is located, and some more smaller beaches you need to walk to. The area is restricted and parking is limited, however you can always park outside the natural park and just take the free bus.

Best beaches in Murcia
Best beaches in Murcia / Eduardo Madrid / www.unsplash.com

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3. Bolnuevo

Bolnuevo is not just a beach but an area with few small and wild beaches, some of them nudists. While the area is lovely what makes Bolnuevo unique is the geological formations nearby called Ciudad Encantada.

Best beaches in Murcia
Best Beaches in Murcia/ www.pixabay.com

4. Cocedores, is not in Murcia but is one of the best

In the border of Murcia with Almería you will find some of the most stunning beaches of the Region.

Cala Cerrada and La Carolina are the two more beautiful beaches around the border. La Carolina is bigger, open and located in between cliffs while Cala Cerrada is a smaller moon chapped beach very cosy and wild.

Cocedores beach in Almeria
PLaya de cocedores Almeria / www.cmonmurcia.com

5. Calnegre. A wild area and one of the best beaches in Murcia

Calnegre is one of the wildest areas of Murcia and you will find a few interesting beaches in the area. Calnegre is the biggest and most visited, then you find Baño de Mujeres, with very quiet transparent waters, great to visit if it is windy as it is very protected.

Best beaches in Murcia
Best Beaches in Murcia / www.nationalgepgraphic.com
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