Playa Alzada beach is a stunning virgin beach located in front of the dunes of the Corralejo Natural Park in Fuerteventura.

Alzada beach
Alzada beach / axel-antas-bergkvist / www.unsplash,com

Playa Alzada beach, Fuerteventura. Our favourite beach in Corralejo

Playa Alzada beach, Corralejo. Fuerteventura

It is the least known of the beaches near the Corralejo dunes, making it a perfect destination if you are looking for a quiet beach.

Playa Alzada is wild, with white thin sand and with waters that look turquoise from afar and as transparent as you can imagine when you get in.

Playa Alzada beach Fuerteventura
Playa Alzada beach, Fuerteventura / Myke Simmons /

The wind in Playa Alzada Fuerteventura

Wind is generally soft on Playa Alzada, but when it blows currents can be strong and the place is taken over by surf schools.

It is best to go when there is no wind to fully enjoy the calm waters and the stunning surroundings.

Playa Alzada Beach Fuerteventura
Alzada Beach

How to get to Playa Alzada

It is the first beach of the Corralejo Natural Park when you come from the south of the island. As it is on Google Maps, you will have no problems getting there.

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Services in Playa Alzada beach, Fuerteventura

The beach has no services. Make sure you bring all you will need, and plenty of water!

Parking in Playa Alzada

It has limited parking space in its south end. When this space gets full it is common to park the cars on the opposite side of the road, but be careful as you will not want your car to get stuck in the sand.3

Playa Alzada beach Fuerteventura
Playa Alzada beach Fuerteventura

Is nudism allowed?

Yes, and it tends to concentrate on the north end.

Do tides affect the Alzada beach?

They do not affect the beach, and you can go regardless of the tide.

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