Sun, sea and a very interesting food scene await for you in this lovely Spanish city. Discover all the Alicante food and the best tapas to try in Alicante.

Alicante food. The best tapas to eat in the city

1. Alicante food: Arroz a banda

A paella style rice very typical in Alicante and that started with the fishermen of the city. They cook the rice in fish broth and comes with a different seafood depending on the recipe.

The most common ingredients are calamari, prawns and crayfish. A must if you are in the city!

Alicante food
Alicante food /

2. Turron, the Christmas sweet you can have in Alicante all year long

The most famous Turron in Spain is the one from Jijona, Alicante. We will not recommend buying it elsewhere in Spain outside Christmas, but if you visit Jijona it will be rude not to get some!

If you do not know it, Turron is a sweet they make with almonds, honey, sugar and egg. It comes in the shape of a big chocolate bar and you have different types depending on how hard it is.

3. Alicante tapas. Mojama de Atún or salted dried tuna

Historically, in the area, many products have been salted to preserve them back in the days where fridges where not a thing.

One of the most famous ones is dried tuna. You will find it as a tapa, cut in slices and just dress with olive oil.

Alicante tapas
Alicante Tapas /

4. Alicante food. Arroz con costra

Another yummy paella style dish you should really try if you visit Alicante. They cook the rice with different meats like chicken, rabbit and sausages that you cook all together and then add egg on top and put in the oven.

They serve the rice in a clay ingredient with a crispy grated layer of egg on top. Delicious!

Alicante food
Alicante food /

5. Alicante food. Coca amb tonyina

Typically eaten around the San Juan celebrations. It is a pie filled with tuna, tomato, onion and pine nuts. A great meal to take away and enjoy at the beach while enjoying the celebrations!

6. Best tapas in Alicante. Pericana

This unique tapa was created in the inland villages of Alicante as something filling to have to pull with a hard day of labour work.

It is a mix of red peppers, salted cod and olive oil served with bread.

Best tapas in Alicante
Best Tapas in Alicante /

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