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Even if Christmas begins at the same time as in the rest of the world, in Spain it lasts until the 6th of January after a nearly three-week school break. The last of the celebrations in Spain is the 3 wise men.

The 3 wise men in Spain

5th of January : The Three Wise Men (Los Reyes Magos)

In terms of a child’s Christmas experience, this day is undoubtedly more important than Christmas Day, as generally the Three Wise Men bring way more presents than Santa.

The same way children from all over the world write letters to Santa, Spanish children pick their favourite out of the Three Wise Men and write their letters to them.

3 wise men Spain
3 wise men Spain / Robert Thiemann / Unsplash / https://unsplash.com/

They come from the bible and they are:

  • Melchor, who looks like Santa
  • Gaspar, white and red-haired.
  • Baltasar, black and most children’s favourite 
3 wise men spain
3 wise men Spain / David Alvarez Lopez / www.flickr.com

Christmas parades with the Three Wise Men arriving to town being the main attraction, take place in every city.

Funnily enough, the Three Wise men are believed to come from the Orient by camel after giving their presents to baby Jesus, and children will leave a clean pair of shoes under the tree and some nibbles for them and their camels.

6th of January: The Roscon de Reyes

On this day, families will get together, once again, to share a very special cake called “Roscón de Reyes,” a big roll that comes with a paper crown.

Inside each one there are two trinkets to be found: a small king – if you get it to get to wear the crown – and a bean – if you get it you have to pay for the cake.

Roscon de Reyes 3 wise men spain
Roscón de Reyes to celebrate the 3 wise men in Spain

The morning of the 6th of January children wake up to presents under the tree and this day is a bank holiday, so they get to play with their new toys all day long before going to school the day after.

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